Masterclass - WhatsApp Status Marketing

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Why this course?


Want to print UNBELIEVABLE sums of money from your Business via your WhatsApp Status Consistently?


The WhatsApp Status Marketing Masterclass for Entrepreneurs


But...Why WhatsApp... STATUS???🤔

‌1. WhatsApp is the most used messenger in the world today with over 2 billion users worldwide and over 500 million status views per day. Because of this massive adoption worldwide, it is therefore a reliable marketing tool for lots of businesses! 

‌Look around you! 

‌In every 10 people using a smartphone, 8 have an active WhatsApp and at least 4 watch their status DAILY!

‌2. Also, no one will find you rude for marketing via your status, but most people will be irritated if you add them to your broadcast lists or groups to market your brand without their permission. Even with their permission sometimes, you will get "Archived" and they would never get to read or see your updates.

‌However, WhatsApp status is reported to be more tolerable, as it receives the lowest rates of "mutes". 

This course will help YOU (entrepreneur) to know: 

‌a) how to communicate your value effectively via your status, 

‌b) how to stay at the top of status feeds of your audience, 

‌c) how to be so good that your audience literally search for your status so as not to miss out on your updates, 

‌d) and ultimately, how to get your audience to literally beg you to take their money.

Package Contents

Fatal errors you are making with your WhatsApp Status Marketing
AfrikSpark Academy
WhatsApp Status Marketing Planner. THE COMPLETE BREAKDOWN
AfrikSpark Academy
10 Tested and Proven streams to make reasonable sums of money consistently via your WhatsApp Status.
AfrikSpark Academy
Game - Changer Secrets For Profitable WhatsApp Status Marketing

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