Fatal errors you are making with your WhatsApp Status Marketing

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Instructors: AfrikSpark Academy

Why this course?


This is a free short course in which you will learn about the fatal errors you are making with your WhatsApp Status Marketing that are killing your business, and how to overcome them.

Why WhatsApp? WhatsApp is the most used messenger in the world today with over 2 billion users worldwide. Because of this massive adoption and a recorded over 500 million status views daily worldwide, it is therefore a reliable marketing tool for lots of businesses.

Since marketing is largely communication, knowing how to communicate your value via this medium is imperative. 

This course will help entrepreneurs know the communication errors they are making on their WhatsApp Status which bring more loss than gain and how to turn that around.

Course Curriculum

6 Huge Errors You Are Making With Your WhatsApp Status Marketing
1. Audience Ommission
2. Robot stigma
3. Minimizing social proof
4. You are too "Salesy"
5. Lack of consistency
6. Not having a well crafted and strategic WhatsApp Status Marketing plan
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