Rework Your Alpha

The Ultimate Business Revamp course

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Language: English

Instructors: Shanon Ashley

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Why this course?


Rework Your Alpha

The ULTIMATE Business Revamp course for African Entrepreneurs in the Startup and Survival phase, that sets their business up for Hyper growth!

If your business foundation is not solid, you will face lots of difficulty growing and may eventually crash! This course helps you work on a powerful business foundation that will stand the test of time!

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Course Curriculum

Phase 1: 1. Introduction to African Entrepreneurship (mindset revamp)
Day 1
Welcome to RYA (2:00)
Entrepreneurship heat
The great LIES (26:00)
Day 2
Lightbulbs!!! (11:00)
Phase 2: Over 30 business killers with detailed solutions
Day 3
Introduction (4:00)
Dealing with the Perfection Syndrome (9:00)
Dealing with the Local Hero Syndrome (10:00)
PMESP Focus (6:00)
Day 4
The Shiny Object Syndrome (7:00)
Strategic Plan (7:00)
Price like a pro (7:00)
Day 5
Extending Credit (7:00)
The Big Boys Syndrome (4:00)
Customer service (7:00)
Day 6
Overcoming the MuMu syndrome and Financing Growth (6:00)
Motivation (6:00)
Day 7
Overcoming the Copy Cat Syndrome (9:00)
Leadership (4:00)
Investing backward (8:00)
Day 8
Contracts (6:00)
Paying yourself (7:00)
The Big Picture (4:00)
Day 9
Building an identity (6:00)
Mingling (6:00)
Execution parameters (3:00)
Day 10
Reflection (7:00)
Overcoming the Over-Sabi Syndrome (3:00)
Bad Ego Bad Business (4:00)
Day 11
Cash in hand (2:00)
Crippling Relationship (4:00)
Maximizing wins (5:00)
Day 12
Inner Game (2:00)
Overcoming Business Bullies (2:00)
Beyond bounds (3:00)
Day 13
Refining your Elevator Pitch (3:00)
Escaping the Intelligent Church-rat identity (2:00)
Phase 3: Secret keys to keep you relevant and scaling fast (step-by-step guide)
Day 14
Introduction (2:00)
Practical guide (36:00)
Brand Fathers Revamp (12:00)
Bonus Pack
101 Affirmations for African Entrepreneurs
Challenge section
Practice Elevator pitch
Watch and Report
Read and Report

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