Why Good Grades At School Do Not Reflect future Financial success

Mon Jul 26, 2021

At this point in my life, looking back at my school days, I can hardly match the present and past selves of most people I schooled with. The expectations of life and what we envisaged success will be has played out differently from what we anticipated. Just like many others whose observations come around mine; it is beyond hypothesis that good grades at school do not always reflect future financial success. This is how it often happens; the “A” students end up working for the “C “students and the “B” students end up working for the government.

Poor Financial Education is the loop hole

What is the use of honour role positions and excellent grades if they will not reflect in the life of the children we are raising. In as much as we are driven by academic success, we must understand that financial education is the ingredient that is lacking to equip our younger generation to be relevant in their fields of interest.

Take away the stereotype Mentality

We have had many funny ways of thinking and look where it has landed us; good grades with nothing to show for, excellent student looking for jobs everywhere. Its such a pathetic situation that our economies are stagnating at the watch of great minds with great potentials simple because the orientation from the very beginning was lacking of salt.

Parents and academic figures must provide an accommodating environment for children to show talent and ability in every other sphere of life. It is time for us to walk past the stereotype mentality of “you are only going to be a doctor”, “you are only going to be a lawyer”. All of this is good but how about telling the younger people “you will be everything that you can be”.

Why do the tables always Turn around

Those with the good grades always end up working for those with the bad grades because they didn’t see it coming. Success in life is often borne out of a thirst to understand how things truly work, experience has shown that the poor grade students often go into the world and fight better than those with the good grades. While the world was applauding the “A” grade student and getting them distracted by letters that mean nothing in the real world, the “C” grade students were out there, asking questions and getting answers, building empires and industries for their academic seniors to forward their decorated CVS to work in.

Complacency is the problem

Students with good grades never think of possibilities above their grades. Since they already have their good grades to hold on to, they allow the poor performing students to do the thinking and creativity for them. The tables always turn around because we have made the mistake over years of shallowly looking at success through the lens of academic excellence.

Teach the Children that the drive for academic success revolves around economic growth

It is time to reprogram the thinking of your children so that they grow up with an open an diversified mind. It is time to make the younger people see the great need to build entrepreneurial skills and ideas.They should also be told the truth that success in school that doesn't show forth academically is brought to nought.

“A” grade students are often just smart not creative

In the classroom, being book smart answers to everything but in the real world creativity hold the banner. It takes more that just a retentive memory and the ability to finds “x” and “y” to succeed financially. It takes virtues that are not always nurtured in the classroom. Virtues like; resilience, persistence, inspiration and more. While the “C” students are used to rejection and will hardly pull out because the world is jeering, the “A” student who is so used to the applauds and social acceptance will hardly take a leap into risk that may attract disapproval from the environment but yet pregnant with future rewards.

Word for the Road

If we begin thinking differently today, then the future could be different, we can change the narrative and have our “A” students representing the academic prowess of the classroom in real time. Moreover a change of thought pattern will empower even the weaker students to dream bigger and do more. The world is complex and multidimensional, this is why every one has a place and everyone has the capacity be more than one thing.

Ambi Emanuella
A Cameroon based writer