The CEO Lifestyle: 7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do To Stay At The Top

Mon Jul 26, 2021

Everybody wants to be a CEO but not everybody understands what it takes; successful entrepreneurs do not only fight to get to the top but they are even more concerned about how to stay there. The force of gravity pulls you to the ground when you go up, this is exactly what happens to most people who succeed without understanding how to handle success. Successful entrepreneurs are successful because they have learned what to do to overcome the gravity of daily life and business challenges that pull most people to the ground, they know what to do to stay at the top. Find out 10 things successful entrepreneurs do to stay on top that you have probable never known about.

7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Do To Stay At The Top

1. Successful Entrepreneurs treat their workers Well

Real entrepreneurs know exactly how to win the hearts of their employees. They understand the devastating results from keeping disgruntled and angry staff, so they ensure that those who work for them feel appreciated and needed. If you want to stay at the top you cannot afford the luxury of hosting angry staff. Your staff are the first P.Rs of you company and the society sees the true image of the company by looking and listening to them. A satisfied staff means more efficiency and sincere commitment.

2. Successful Entrepreneurs visit the floor departments of their company

Only CEO's with true leadership qualities really belong to the top. In a typical company setting the CEO in his designer suit and fabulous hat only sits at the round table with executive members and discuss the affairs of the company; he doesn't care what goes on at the bottom, he has no clue what the floor members are saying, their worries, pleas and demands. True leadership which is a prerequisite for entrepreneurship is the one thing that keeps an entrepreneur at the top. Successful entrepreneurs have the rare quality of minding the business of the people down there.

3. Successful Entrepreneurs exercise humility

What have you heard about pride? “it comes before a fall”, “good” I heard that too. If you have never known this, know today that successful entrepreneurs are not proud people. Their humility is the reason why they got up there in the first place and it is still the same reason why the top has a grip on them. You will have to be humble to take not just the applauds but the critiques; it is on them that successful entrepreneurs grow to greater heights.

4. Successful Entrepreneurs learn from the rest

You cannot know it all, hope you know that? What successful entrepreneurs do is that, they learn from everybody and execute what works well in their own business. Successful entrepreneurs move around with their eyes and ears open, they observe and learn from what their rivals are doing, they work hard but they also know that working smart do better sometimes so they look around and make sure they are doing what the rest are doing and better.

5. Successful entrepreneurs have a thing for reading

If you haven't been reading lately then let me break the sad news to you “you aren't thinking entrepreneurship and you just may not be a successful one”. New knowledge is what keeps you relevant and for successful entrepreneurs, they stay relevant and updated by following the new papers, reading the magazine and reading books. Visit The Entrepreneur's Library for a sophisticated collection of topnotch entrepreneurial books. 

6. Successful entrepreneurs make friends with other successful entrepreneurs

The lions mingle together, their common qualities draw them in one circle. Entrepreneurs who are successful keep a circle of other successful entrepreneurs. They benefit from each others experience and ideas to make progress in their own affairs.

7. Successful entrepreneurs groom others into success

True success is in making others successful, successful entrepreneurs are always ready to share their secretes and to raise others like them. It is called the ripple effect; making others grow through the path that you created and spreading the success just like you have done.

Last Words to draw the curtains

Success comes to those who prepare for it, if you envisage having the successful entrepreneur title someday then start acting like one in your own little sphere. It is the preparation that will bring you unwavering success when the opportunity comes. Understand how entrepreneurs who have made success think and do what they do for a 5 soaring success to be yours.

Ambi Emanuella
A Cameroon based writer