Money Fetches More Money; 8 Things The Rich Do With Their Money That The Poor Do Not Do

Mon Jul 26, 2021

In this economic age where everything has a price tag on it, money has become more sort for than it has ever been. You just cant live without money; you need money for food, to get a cap, to take a friend out, pay your bills, look you best the list is unending.

The need for money echoes 360 degrees around us and sometimes we just want to close our ears and say ”oh pleasssse can I have a break ”. The depression that comes with lack of money hit harder in the African context where dependency level is at its peak; a situation where its either this or that relative reaching out for help.

So what do we do?, Do we blame our economy or blame our linage for bad luck? Of course not rather lets dig into the top secretes of the rich and unravel the mystery behind their wealth. Lets find out the 8 things the rich do with their money that the poor do not . Take a glass of wine and sit upright its time to get rich.

The rich use their money to buy knowledge

We all know how motivational speakers go on with the usual “invest in yourself”, its funny how our minds decide to decode those words to mean buy cloths, look good, go out, spoil yourself, eat good food. Yes and yes again, all of that sounds really good but developing or investing in self goes beyond all of that. 

You must do what the rich do to be rich and that is they use their money to buy books, material, courses and all sort of valuable knowledge that will add some flames to their career and skill set as a whole. Just so you know the better always wins over the good and the best always wins over the better. I know you are a winner visit The Entrepreneur's Library today and prove me right. 

the better always wins over the good and the best always wins over the better

The rich save to invest

Everyone saves but saving is not the ultimate plan; your savings are only good to the extent as to what they can do for you, yes your savings can get you a house, a car and all of that but the rich look beyond that. The rich understand the multiplicity effect on money, the rich know you can use money to get more money, and they do just that. The rich save up money put it in the multiplicity machine and boom they have more money. Okay that sounds like magic. What I actually mean is that the rich put their money in places that will yield dividends for them; places like real estate, agriculture, digital technology and more.

your savings are only good to the extent as to what they can do for you

The rich plan for the future

If you are such a regular person that means you take each day as it comes, you spend today and wait for tomorrows income and if you are a worst case scenario person, you even incur debts to be settled for the next month. I call that living on a deficit and its toxic to your finances. The rich know that in five years time the kids will be middle school and start preparing for it but the poor wait for heavens favour when the days catch up with them. Don’t be like that, you can now do better since you know better. 

The rich work on a budget

Don’t take this for granted, I know you may find this quite contradictory since wealth implies that one is bigger than a budget but permit me shock you. Rich people have a plan for just about anything. When you see a rich man throw a parties, it wasn’t just thoughtless they had it in their agenda and that means money was kept aside.

The rich are early risers

If you are sleeping to much, beckon someone by your side and tell them to read this out loud to you “you are sleeping on your destiny”. Time management is a valuable skill and the rich do not take this for granted. Sleep is one of those things that steals your time and handicaps the effectiveness of your day. The rich rise up early and during those hours they plan their day and plan their lives; this is what you should be doing.

Rich people do not watch TV so much

If your eyes are glued to the screen hour after hour with a bowl of pop corn by your side, drowning you in Netflix's ocean of entertainment; then you are drowning indeed. Wake up before you become penniless. TV is a distraction of the century; It is not so easy resisting its charm but it is possible and it is worth it. A distracted mind can hardly think or plan anything. To set goals and achieve them you need a sense of focus and TV takes that from you. The rich understand this and put a serious check on their TV time, you should do that too. 

To set goals and achieve them you need a sense of focus and TV takes that from you

Rich people eat healthy

You may not really get the connection here but if no one has ever told you this then listen up; a rich mind and body is a rich pocket. Wealth is an evidence of how much you care love and appreciate yourself as well as others. What this means is that when you eat healthy and keep perfect health, somehow some way that sanity translate to the way you view your finances.

Wealth is an evidence of how much you care love and appreciate yourself as well as others 

Rich people have a talent of saying No

“No” is such a strong expression, its just a simple one syllabic two letter word but it can makes one heart pound a little more and ones eye water with tears. No seems like such a wicket thing to say but the rich are objective enough to say No to some businesses, friendships, invitations and more. You must master the skill of turning down commitments you aren't ready for. 

Rich people are generous

Let the church people say “Amen” and let me borrow the popular expression that roots from the church “givers never lack”. the logical explanation behind giving out to become rich is simple, “building relationship”. 

 The rich know what a good relationship can do for them, they know how friendly tiles can sail one through places that were said to be inaccessible. This is not a matter of playing tricks on people, helping them and waiting for them to help you too; rather this is giving from a free spirit understanding that your reward can come in different colours. 

If you read well then by now you must be sitting rich, thinking rich and talking rich. If you have learned from this write up, drop a comment and lets know what stroke you the most. Which new step are you taking in your financial life and how has this article helped you? Tell us in the comment section.

Ambi Emanuella
Cameroon based writer